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Mattress an Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All


When buying a new mattress you are often spoiled for choice: spring core or cold foam, hard or soft, single or double mattress. Without competent advice in the furniture trade it is difficult to find a mattress in the supply jungle, which is tailored to personal needs and thus offers a pleasant lying and sleeping comfort.


Spring core and cold foam in comparison


Choosing the right mattress core depends very much on your personal preferences and sleeping habits. Regarding these factors, both mattresses have special advantages.


The typical thebest-mattress evaluation data convinces with high air permeability and is therefore particularly well suited for people who sweat heavily during the night. With pocket spring cores, the springs are individually welded or sewn into pockets, thereby providing higher point elasticity than simple spring cores, as there is always only that spring yields to which pressure is applied.


Compared to spring core, cold foam is known for its heat-insulating properties and is therefore particularly well suited for people who freeze easily at night. In addition, the lower weight facilitates the handling of the mattress. In addition, special comfort foams have been further developed from conventional cold foam. This includes the Cell flex comfort foam. This extremely high-quality comfort foam achieves an outstanding breathability and very high point elasticity due to its particularly open-pored structure. Also the Feel foam comfort foam, which is also used in the Aqua mattress line by ADA, offers through its open porosity a first-class air circulation and a pleasant microclimate.


New features and techniques for even greater sleeping comfort


In addition to the well-known 7-zone cutting technology, there are many new technologies and features that allow an even better fine adjustment to the body contours. The mattresses of the Aerogel line impress with their innovative functionality. In the mattress incorporated gel elements provide a first-class body contour adjustment. Hips and shoulders can sink in pleasantly while the gel cells ideally support the lighter body parts. The Ergo Men & Women mattresses, which additionally take into account the gender-specific ergonomic needs, offer an individual body fit. The multi-zone mattress core adapts optimally to the length and weight course of the male or female body contour.


The right degree of hardness for mattresses


The selection of the right degree of hardness is a decisive factor for the personal lying comfort and the best possible relief of the body. Basically, it should be noted that a comfortable feeling lying is important, but you should not have the impression of completely sinking into the mattress. Because a deep sinking more muscle effort is required when turning and turning at night and this can affect a restful night's sleep. In order to provide our customers with individually tailored lying comfort, the ADA mattresses are available in different degrees of hardness. For example, the X-Large line offers a very wide choice: four different degrees of hardness are available.


Weight of mattresses - what does RG 35, RG 40, RG 50 mean


When choosing the right foam or latex mattress, you should also consider the density (RG). It is an essential quality feature, and responsible for the longevity of your mattress.


The RG value of a mattress indicates how much material is in the mattress, more precisely, how many kilograms of raw material were used in the production of a cubic meter of mattress. Of course, the weight of the finished mattress depends on the individual composition of the material. The density (RG value) is thus an important indicator of dimensional stability, comfort, durability and price of the mattress.


As a rule of thumb, a lower density mattress is lighter, less point elastic, faster and cheaper than a heavier weight.


The RG value, however, says nothing about the hardness of a latex or foam mattress. The hardness is produced by different compression and composition of the material. So even a mattress with low density can be hard!


Another measure of the quality and longevity of latex and foam mattresses is the compression hardness. It measures the ability of the mattress to return to its original shape after printing, but is rarely stated on purchase.


That is, from a density of 35-40 you get a mattress with good to very good quality and durability of about 5-8 years. High-quality mattresses start at RG 50. For children's mattresses, a density of 20-30 is sufficient.

From an orthopedic point of view, a mattress, in conjunction with the matching slatted frame, should support our body during sleep in such a way as to provide natural spine support and relax the neck, shoulders, back and muscles.


Point elasticity


This support is the better, the more point-elastic a mattress is: lying areas where the body is to sink in for an orthopedically correct position, such as the hip in a lateral position, give way at the pressure point and the body part sinks slightly. Nearby parts of the body that should not sink in are gently supported.


Plate slatted frames and adjustable slatted frames can support the dot elasticity of the mattress with their individual adjustment options.


Surface elasticity


In contrast to the point elasticity of a surface-elastic mattress, the pressure is absorbed by the body over a large area. The mattress does not spring punctually, but over a wide area.


A surface-elastic mattress cannot therefore adapt so perfectly to the body contour. This is basically no problem for healthy and young people. For people with back problems but it is recommended that the spine in their orthopedically correct position, best to a point elastic sleeping pad to bed.


Which mattress types is point elastic, which are area elastic?


Particularly point elastic are mattresses made of latex or viscos foam, as well as pocket spring and barrel pocket spring mattresses with a high number of springs.


Conventional Bonell are in any case area elastic. Therefore, Bonell are suitable as under-mattresses in box spring beds.


Cold foam mattresses are intrinsically elastic, but today there are numerous higher-quality models, which also achieve high point elasticity due to their special construction, usually viscos-foam on cold foam core.


Generally, the higher the density of a mattress, the higher is the point elasticity.